Leek Dumplings

Leek Dumplings

by Bing Ruo Lan

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Recently, I have eaten a lot of leeks. My mother-in-law said that the last cut of leeks. In order to keep this last crop, I specially bought expensive pork to accompany it. I made some dumplings and frozen them.


Leek Dumplings

1. Add the leeks and meat to the salt, and stir the chicken essence evenly

Leek Dumplings recipe

2. Add flour and water to mix into cotton wool, knead into a ball, cover with plastic wrap and wake up for 10 minutes

Leek Dumplings recipe

3. Cut a small piece and knead into long strips, cut into evenly-sized tablets, squash the tablets and roll them into skins

Leek Dumplings recipe

4. Pack the stuffing and knead it

Leek Dumplings recipe

5. Put water in the pot and boil, add the dumplings to boil, add cold water, boil again, repeat twice, wait until the dumplings float

Leek Dumplings recipe

6. start

Leek Dumplings recipe


1. Clean and cut the leeks in advance
2. The amount of water in the dough is my own preference. The dough with this ratio will be harder and harder to knead. I slack and knead it and let it wake up. It will be easier to knead after waking up.


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