Lime Durian Cake

Lime Durian Cake

by In case_Miss

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Fresh appearance, including the heart of durian, plus favorite fruits, beautiful afternoon tea 🍰☕"

Lime Durian Cake

1. First make apricot lemon curd and use it to spread on the cake as a sandwich. Boil water and salt, add thinly sliced lemon, filter for 3 minutes after boiling, soak in cold water to remove the bitter taste. 2. In addition, boil the apricot puree and lemon juice, add the mixture of NH pectin and caster sugar, and add lemon slices. Boil until thick and let cool for later use.

Lime Durian Cake recipe

2. The apricot-lemon curd will look like this after making it, just chop it up and set aside. The home version of the jam is also the same.

Lime Durian Cake recipe

3. The second part of making the cake body requires the main ingredients 1-6 whipped egg whites, then add sugar and whipped, and finally add the lime shreds cake powder, sieve the powdered sugar and stir evenly with almond flour, add the whipped egg whites and mix well. Squeeze the baking tray to the size you need, and bake at 180 degrees for 8 minutes

Lime Durian Cake recipe

4. After the cake body is finished, it looks like this. Sprinkle a little powdered sugar on the first part of apricot lemon curd and set aside.

Lime Durian Cake recipe

5. The third part of making durian mousse cake requires 7-12 main ingredients. Heat the egg yolk and sugar in water and stir until it turns white, add the soft gel slices in cold water, and filter. Second, add the mascarp cream cheese, let it cool to about 50 degrees, and stir evenly in the whipped cream. 3. Finally add durian pulp and stir well

Lime Durian Cake recipe

6. Finally, put the cake body coated with apricot lemon sauce into the prototype mold, spread a layer of durian mousse, add another layer of cake body, and then thickly spread a layer of mousse, and finally put the sauce mold into the refrigerator and freeze for more than two hours to shape.

Lime Durian Cake recipe

7. Take out the mold and place the fruit you like

Lime Durian Cake recipe


The degree of whitening of the protein has a great influence on the quality of the finished cake. The durian pulp needs to be broken with a wall breaker and filtered out to filter out larger fibers. When the mold is finally removed, the mold wall can be slightly heated with a spray gun to help demold.


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