Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu

by Gluttonous

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Mapo tofu is a classic delicacy in Sichuan cuisine. The main raw materials are tofu and yellow beef, chili and Chinese pepper. Mochi comes from Sichuan pepper, and spicy comes from Pixian Doubanjiang. This dish highlights the "spicy" characteristic of Sichuan cuisine. However, unless authentic restaurants, it is difficult to match with yellow beef. Therefore, most of them use pork to "pretend to be a copycat". In fact, as long as you like it, you won't be guilty of using any meat and mapo. Today’s mapo tofu is made with lactone tofu as the main ingredient, which tastes quite good. "


Mapo Tofu

1. Main and auxiliary ingredients: lactone tofu, pork, Pixian bean paste, ginger and garlic,

Mapo Tofu recipe

2. Cut the pork into cubes.

Mapo Tofu recipe

3. Take out the lactone tofu and cut into pieces.

Mapo Tofu recipe

4. Dice ginger and garlic.

Mapo Tofu recipe

5. Heat oil, fry fragrant ginger and garlic.

Mapo Tofu recipe

6. Add minced meat.

Mapo Tofu recipe

7. Stir-fry repeatedly until the minced meat turns white.

Mapo Tofu recipe

8. Add Pixian bean paste.

Mapo Tofu recipe

9. Add appropriate amount of broth or water and cook for 1 minute.

Mapo Tofu recipe

10. Add lactone tofu.

Mapo Tofu recipe

11. Add a little salt to enhance the flavor.

Mapo Tofu recipe

12. Cook for 2 minutes until the tofu is delicious. Pour in water and starch to thicken the thick gorgon.

Mapo Tofu recipe

13. Boil the gorgon juice on low heat to gelatinize, then turn off the heat.

Mapo Tofu recipe

14. Take out the pan and serve. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of cooked pepper powder and serve.

Mapo Tofu recipe


1. Dry the cooked pepper powder over a low fire, grind and sieve it and serve.
2. It can also be made with old tofu, but the taste of lactone tofu is really good.


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