Meat Sanxian Dumplings

Meat Sanxian Dumplings

by Wanshanhong

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The recipe of this dumpling is not my own, nor is it adjusted according to my usual preparation method, but is made completely according to the recipe of Tianjin Baijiaoyuan, except that the original recipe of shrimp is 150 grams, I used 200 grams, others It is exactly matched with the original party. Another point is that the original recipe used monosodium glutamate, but my family didn’t have it, so I used shiitake essence instead. Pursuing the large thin-slice filling of Baijiaoyuan, the skin is very thin, and the self-milled flour is used. The flour is not white, but the filling can still be seen from the outside, enough to see that the skin is very thin. This dumpling with thin skin and big filling is salty and delicious, rich in fragrance, and very distinctive. After it is made, the whole family of all ages and children will say it is delicious. It seems that the classic is different. Dear friends, collect this recipe, it's worth trying!


Meat Sanxian Dumplings

1. Pork chop stuffing by hand, add ginger, five-spice powder, pepper and soy sauce

2. Stir thoroughly

Meat Sanxian Dumplings recipe

3. Then add 150 grams of water 5-6 times, each time you add water, stir it in one direction until the water is completely absorbed, and then add the next time.

4. After the water is completely added, continue to stir in one direction until the filling is firm

Meat Sanxian Dumplings recipe

5. Scrambled eggs into small scattered ears

6. Peel off the shrimps and remove the shrimp threads. The shrimp I bought is larger, you can also use a smaller one, add a little pepper and rice wine to marinate for 15 minutes

Meat Sanxian Dumplings recipe

7. Chop the watery black fungus, chop the chives with a top knife, and chop the eggs a little bit

8. Add the chopped eggs and black fungus into the meat filling evenly and evenly

Meat Sanxian Dumplings recipe

9. The marinated shrimps use kitchen paper to absorb excess water

10. Add the diced shrimp to the filling. I like the grainy shrimps, so the diced ones are bigger

Meat Sanxian Dumplings recipe

11. Stir well

12. Chop the stuffing aside, add the leeks, and mix the leeks with sesame oil to lock the moisture in the leeks

Meat Sanxian Dumplings recipe

13. Stir gently and the filling is ready

14. Add flour and water to make a harder dough. Because the skin of this dumpling is very thin, it is a bit harder than the usual dumpling dough. Divide into 7 grams or so, and roll out into round skins

Meat Sanxian Dumplings recipe

15. Pack about 13 grams of stuffing. I use a lot of shrimps, each dumpling can contain 2 to 3 large shrimps

16. wrap up

Meat Sanxian Dumplings recipe

17. Cooked

18. How thin the skin is, the self-ground flour I used, the flour is relatively yellow, but you can still see the fillings through the skin, thin. Each dumpling has a few shrimp particles when you bite it open. Can dumplings with such a delicious flavor and thin skin and large fillings be unpalatable? !

Meat Sanxian Dumplings recipe


1. The ratio of flour to water is 2:1. It is more suitable for the dough to be soft and hard. The flour should be high-gluten flour. High-gluten flour is the best. Will stick to teeth.
2. When adjusting the filling, you must first adjust the meat filling, and then put other raw materials, so that the viscosity of the meat filling can be used to condense other raw materials, and the filling will not easily fall apart.
3. Mix the fillings as evenly as possible, so that each dumpling can have various fillings evenly, especially the shrimps.


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