Millet Steamed Ribs

Millet Steamed Ribs

by Jamie Pastoral

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Millet is very nutritious, especially high in B vitamins, ranking first among all foods. Millet has many functions, it can invigorate the spleen and stomach, relax bowel movement, stop ejaculation, nourish blood and replenish qi. Pork ribs are also a good ingredient, rich in iron and protein, and have the effects of nourishing blood and deficiencies. Millet is paired with ribs, and the soft and glutinous taste is more conducive to digestion. Without a drop of oil, healthy steaming, the finished product is delicious and healthy.


Millet Steamed Ribs

1. Wash the pork ribs and soak them in cold water, soak them in bleeding water.

Millet Steamed Ribs recipe

2. Remove and drain the water and cut into small pieces.

Millet Steamed Ribs recipe

3. Add green onions and ginger and mix well.

Millet Steamed Ribs recipe

4. Add soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, cooking wine, and white sugar to mix evenly and marinate for 4 hours.

Millet Steamed Ribs recipe

5. Add pepper, aniseed and red pepper to the millet and stir-fry.

Millet Steamed Ribs recipe

6. Pick out the green onions and ginger from the ribs, pick out the pepper, aniseed, and red pepper from the millet. Put the two ingredients together and mix well.

Millet Steamed Ribs recipe


Millet Steamed Ribs recipe

8. Wash potatoes and carrots, cut them into slices, and place them on the bottom of the plate.
Pork ribs wrapped in millet are placed on potatoes and carrots.

Millet Steamed Ribs recipe

9. Steam in a steamer for 1 hour.
The steamed ribs are very fresh and tender. They are dipped in potatoes and carrots with the aroma of the ribs. The taste and texture are very good.

Millet Steamed Ribs recipe


1. The marinating time can be longer to make the ribs more delicious.
2. Side dishes can be added according to personal preference, but ingredients that are resistant to steaming and soup should be selected.


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