Mix Three Things

Mix Three Things

by Squirrelfish 77

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The World Cup has been in full swing. The battle for the Hercules Cup is vigorous. The two peerless arrogances Messi and Ronaldo ended their World Cup tour in Russia. They missed the World Cup and returned home with disappointment, regret and perseverance.
Regardless of the World Cup, our ordinary life will continue, and we will carry it through to the end! Food is always based on eating. How to make good food and share it with the family is our greatest happiness!
Mix three kinds of dishes is one of the dishes. It is a name that I choose randomly. When I made this dish, I really didn't know what it was called. Because the shredded tofu is left over after eating a little at noon, not too much, and the grilled cake is also at noon, only a small piece. If each of these ingredients is made into a dish, it is a bit too little and troublesome. See if there is a cucumber in the refrigerator. The cucumber was peeled, washed, and patted. The shredded tofu was slightly cut, and the grilled cake was cut into small pieces. Put all into a bowl, topped with various seasonings, and mixed it with chopsticks. I didn’t expect it to be really delicious, my husband too. For the time being, I have forgotten the annoyance caused by the departure of the two kings, and even praised this dish as good, let me make it tomorrow!


Mix Three Things

1. 1. Cut the tofu shreds into small pieces, any length of which is arbitrary, cut the grilled cake into small pieces, peel the cucumber, wash, photograph, and cut into small pieces, and put it into a larger container.

Mix Three Things recipe

2. 2. Take a small bowl, add 2 spoons of light soy sauce, 5 spoons of balsamic vinegar, and 1 spoon of salt. Stir until the salt melts.

Mix Three Things recipe

3. 3. Add a proper amount of vine pepper oil or Chinese pepper oil, add or subtract according to your own taste.

Mix Three Things recipe

4. 4. Add an appropriate amount of spicy oil, or not add it if you don’t like spicy food.

Mix Three Things recipe

5. 5. Stir evenly.

Mix Three Things recipe

6. 6. Peel the ground peanuts, roll them into pieces, and place them on top.

Mix Three Things recipe

7. 7. Pour on the tuned and mixed sauce and stir evenly! Put it on a plate and start eating! Savoury small cold dishes to go with wine.

Mix Three Things recipe


Mix Three Things recipe


The amount of chili oil and green pepper oil should be increased or decreased according to your own taste. You can leave it as you like.

Thank you Spicy (handsome) for paying attention to the food of squirrel fish. Your approval and affirmation are your greatest encouragement to Yuyu. I will continue to work hard! If you like it, follow me. Yuyu updates the food every day, and you will see it as soon as you follow!


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