Mother's Hoof

Mother's Hoof

by Zhongyu Food

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Fresh pork knuckles with crispy kidney beans and spicy sauce

Beauty and anti-aging, very suitable for nourishing health in spring


Mother's Hoof

1. 1. Scallion, sliced ginger, put cold water into a pot, boil for 3 minutes,
Boil all the froth, and then remove the trotters

Mother's Hoof recipe

2. 2. Put the bay star anise and pepper into the seasoning packet

Mother's Hoof recipe

3. 3. Re-start the pan, put in the green onion and ginger slices, and the seasoning bag,
Then pour a small spoonful of white wine in

Mother's Hoof recipe

4. 4. Add the soaked white kidney beans after boiling

Mother's Hoof recipe

5. 5. Cover the lid, simmer for two and a half hours, then add salt to taste

Mother's Hoof recipe

6. 6. Mix the chili, soy sauce, vinegar and white pepper together, dip the trotters and eat, you are done!

Mother's Hoof recipe


1. Adding white wine can remove the fishy smell, and will not taste the white wine
2. You must cook enough time to eat the crispy and fragrant pig's feet that melt in your mouth.
3. Choosing pig's trotters, preferring Yubin Pure Grain Year Pigs with ribs, using live pig trotters fed by Yubin Pure Grain as raw materials.
Rich in collagen, the fat content is lower than fat, it is a good beauty product


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