Northeast Mixed Vegetables

Northeast Mixed Vegetables

by Xiaochun's Kitchen

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It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the most common star cold dish on the Northeast table! Whether it’s a restaurant party or a banquet at home, this northeastern mixed dish is undoubtedly one of the most popular cold dishes! Almost always make such a big pot during the New Year, and it is definitely not enough to make less! I didn’t make this cold dish for the Chinese New Year last year. I think my parents seemed to have shortcomings when they ate it, so this year they should have some cold dishes!
Don’t look at this Northeast big mixed dishes seemingly simple, it seems that all kinds of vegetables are shredded and mixed together. In fact, it is not so easy to make it! First of all, you will find that mixing at home will never produce the taste of restaurant cooking! The problem is that you didn't boil the oil! Making a good bottle of oil is the key to making cold dishes look great! That's the taste that you can't mix with ordinary soy sauce vinegar! Also, the collocation of various dishes is not casual! Tofu, commonly known as dried tofu in the Northeast! This is essential! Then cabbage is also the highlight. Others can be matched with purple cabbage and carrots, so that the color will be very beautiful! The proportion of cucumbers is best to be small, because cucumbers love to produce water, too much water will affect the taste of large mixed vegetables! It can also be paired with a little coriander to enhance the flavor, but those who don't like coriander can ignore it. I didn't put coriander this time because~~forgot! ! ! Then there is the minced garlic, it must be there, one is to enhance the flavor, but to sterilize it! I just want to fry some lean shredded pork, this is the soul! The feeling of eating a bit of shredded pork in vegetables! It is absolutely ecstasy! ! You can try it! !


Northeast Mixed Vegetables

1. Oil materials: 500 grams of corn oil, 3-4 pieces of bay leaves, 2 star anises, 3 grams of cinnamon, 3 grams of white cocos, 2 grams of Chinese pepper, 300 grams of green onions, 200 grams of ginger, 50 grams of small onions, 50 grams of garlic, 20 grams of coriander root and 30 grams of celery. Ingredients: 100 grams of purple cabbage, 200 grams of cucumber, 100 grams of carrots, 150 grams of baby cabbage or Chinese cabbage, 100 grams of tofu skin, 20 grams of garlic, 100 grams of lean meat, 10 dried chilies Grams of vegetable seasoning: 2 tsp salt, 2 tsp chicken broth, 3 tbsp light soy sauce, 5 tbsp vinegar, 6 tsp sugar

2. Ingredients and oil method: prepare all the ingredients, put the bay leaf, white koe, cinnamon, and star anise in water for half an hour

Northeast Mixed Vegetables recipe

3. Shred green onion, shred ginger

Northeast Mixed Vegetables recipe

4. Sliced small onion, sliced garlic

Northeast Mixed Vegetables recipe

5. Pour the oil into the pot, heat the spice soaked in water when the oil temperature is 30% hot, wait for the spice to fry out the fragrance, add green onion, ginger, coriander root, etc.

Northeast Mixed Vegetables recipe

6. Fry slowly on a low fire until the green onions are charred and dry. Remove all the ingredients. The remaining oil is the raw oil, and the remaining raw oil is burned for a while to release the water vapor in the oil.

Northeast Mixed Vegetables recipe

7. How to mix vegetables: shred purple cabbage, shred cucumber, do not need to be particularly thin

Northeast Mixed Vegetables recipe

8. Shred the carrots, preferably thinner, or they don’t taste good, shred the baby cabbage

Northeast Mixed Vegetables recipe

9. Shred the bean curd, mince garlic

Northeast Mixed Vegetables recipe

10. Put all the spices except the dried chilies into a bowl

Northeast Mixed Vegetables recipe

11. Stir thoroughly to melt the salt chicken essence and salt; shred the meat and fry until cooked

Northeast Mixed Vegetables recipe

12. Mix all the vegetables with minced garlic, put the fried shredded pork on the top to make a sharp mountain shape; pour a little oil in the pot, add dried chili to fry it to get a fragrance, put the fried chili oil into In the bowl of all seasonings, pour the seasoning into the mixed vegetables when you eat it.

Northeast Mixed Vegetables recipe


[Materials and oil production experience]
*Soak the spices in water first, so that they won't be fried immediately, which is conducive to the slow release of the fragrance.
*The rest will be handed over to the time and boiled slowly. I boiled 1 catty of oil and kept it to use slowly, so it took about 1 hour to boil it, which is relatively slow, so be patient.
[Experiences in making mixed vegetables]
* All vegetables are shredded and garlic is minced. Generally speaking, the proportion of cucumber should not be too much. Too much water is not good for this dish, and the proportion of cabbage is slightly larger.
*All seasonings should be mixed well, otherwise there will be residual salt and sugar at the bottom of the bowl, and the taste will not be enough.
*The overall taste is salty and fresh, if you like sour or sweet, you can adjust the ratio appropriately.
*If you can't eat hot pepper, you can leave it alone, just mix the oil and seasoning directly.


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