Oily Noodles

Oily Noodles

by yaling867

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I like the oily noodles because it is chewy and the noodles are smooth and smooth. In addition, the hot oil will prick the spicy noodles and the chopped green onion after being out of the pan. The green onion and pepper flavor are tangy, and the appetite is immediately opened Now, how can you not taste it, let’s get to know it


Oily Noodles

1. Making instant noodles is the key, high-gluten flour is the best

Oily Noodles recipe

2. Put a little salt in the warm water. (Salt can make the noodles taste more chewy, but don’t put too much, or the noodles are hard to pull.) The water person must add a little bit, or it’s easy to put too much water in the noodles. Sparse

Oily Noodles recipe

3. There are three cleansing standards for live noodles. It sounds very high. It is actually noodle cleansing, hand cleansing, and basin cleansing. (Gossip: Actually mine is not completely clean, so you should not pay too much attention to it. The important thing is the process of cooking. You think it's very interesting), put it on the plastic wrap and wake up for 15 minutes. In fact, you just leave it there and wait for 15 minutes.

Oily Noodles recipe

4. After the noodles are awake, take them out and divide them into small portions, put them in oil and wake up for 15 minutes, so if you want to eat the noodles, it takes a little longer to prepare, so you have to be patient.

Oily Noodles recipe

5. Take out the awake noodles, press it in the middle with a rolling pin, pull it apart, and pull it away from the pressed side. The noodles are also named after it.

Oily Noodles recipe

6. The water below must be boiled or it will stick

Oily Noodles recipe

7. After the noodles are finished, put the prepared chili noodles, green onion and garlic on the noodles

Oily Noodles recipe

8. Finally put some hot oil on the fire, and when the oil heats up, pour it on the noodles. After the oil is splashed on the noodles, you're done. Do you smell the fragrance? In fact, the best thing is to put a few more small greens. It looks good and healthier. However, after looking through the refrigerator for a long time, I didn’t find a green vegetable at home today. I had to give it up. Don’t wait. The noodles just out of the pot are the best. It's delicious, or it's sticky, move your chopsticks

Oily Noodles recipe


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