Oily Pepper

Oily Pepper

by Pepper 0214

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Summer is here, and all kinds of cold dishes have become popular again, so of course people who like spicy food can't miss the oily spicy pepper, make a little bit of it, and save it when you want to eat two spoons. It's good.


Oily Pepper

1. Weigh the chili powder, you can add some fine chili powder.

Oily Pepper recipe

2. Add appropriate amount of sesame seeds.

Oily Pepper recipe

3. Add 3g salt.

Oily Pepper recipe

4. Stir well.

Oily Pepper recipe

5. Add a proper amount of oil to the pot and bring to a boil.

Oily Pepper recipe

6. Add the boiled oil three times. First pour a tablespoon of oil into the chili sesame powder and stir quickly to prevent baking.

Oily Pepper recipe

7. Pour the oil in two more times, stirring evenly each time, so that the oily spiced pepper is ready, especially fragrant. When eating, use a clean spoon to dig, remember not to get water or other oil in.

Oily Pepper recipe


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