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Omurice is a relatively common and popular staple food. It is said to come from abroad. It is a rice dish made of fried rice wrapped in egg skins. Generally, pour the beaten egg juice into a pan and fry it into a thin and even egg skin, and then put the fried rice, Korean chili sauce, tomato sauce, salad oil and various other ingredients to wrap it up. Omurice is a very popular dish, whether it is in Korea, Japan or Taiwan. It is not just a home-cooked dish, it is also served in restaurants and even specialty stores.

Omurice is also very suitable for family breakfast, because it is very convenient to make, simple and fast, rich in nutrition, and delicious. I remember that when I was young, my favorite thing to eat was egg fried rice. I loved scrambled eggs, but my daughter didn’t like scrambled eggs. She really liked omelet rice. After winter vacation, I kept making omelet rice. She said it tasted more flavorful and more delicious. Petty bourgeoisie, and it tastes better!



1. Carrots, shallots, tomatoes are cut into small pieces for later use, beef diced is cooked for later use

Omurice recipe

2. Put an appropriate amount of salad oil in a clean pot, heat it for 8 minutes, pour in the diced carrots, green onions, stir fry, pour in an egg liquid, stir fry to form, add tomatoes and stir-fry the moisture

Omurice recipe

3. Pour in rice and beef cubes, add appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine

Omurice recipe

4. Stir fry and serve

Omurice recipe

5. In another small bowl, beat 2 eggs, mix well, add appropriate amount of salt

Omurice recipe

6. Add a small amount of salad oil to the pan, pour the egg mixture and spread it out to form an egg cake. It must be evenly spread. This step is really anxious, so I don’t have time to take pictures. Pour in the fried rice, wrap it on the serving plate, drizzle it with ketchup, and decorate it according to your mood.

Omurice recipe


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