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Fried rice is the most common creative meal on the dining table at home. It is eaten in different ways every day, and the kids don’t get tired of eating every day. In fact, I also like to eat fried rice, especially for breakfast.



1. Prepare the required materials, take half of the ingredients, and add the ingredients you like. What do I have at home?

Omurice recipe

2. Put the oil in a hot pan and sauté the carrots until fragrant

Omurice recipe

3. After sautéing for a while, add onions and cucumber diced to sauté for a while

Omurice recipe

4. Add rice and stir fry evenly

Omurice recipe

5. After stir-frying evenly, squeeze some tomato sauce in and stir-fry to taste, add a little light soy sauce

Omurice recipe

6. Put it in a bowl and set aside

Omurice recipe

7. Put a little salt on the two eggs, stir evenly with the cooking wine, fry them, add the fried rice to the egg skins

Omurice recipe

8. Just fold it in half like this, it's easy!

Omurice recipe

9. Simple and delicious omelet rice is ready, squeeze some tomato sauce, sprinkle some chopped green onion for decoration, optional

Omurice recipe

10. Let's eat! It tastes good and delicious

Omurice recipe

11. Finished product

Omurice recipe


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