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Every family will have leftover rice. The best solution for most families is fried rice. My rice cooker is relatively large, but the population is small. Every time I steamed rice, a little bit will be left. Sometimes I will steam a little bit more deliberately. The next day I can just cook the leftover rice without making new rice, which is simple and easy! I have also tried a variety of fried rice, each of which is very good, but the simplest egg fried rice is the most popular! No matter how many different kinds of fried rice are fried, when they are served in a bowl, the more times I feel they are not new. This time I will make some changes. I will put on a beautiful coat for the fried rice. The eldest girl beamed her eyes when she saw it, and she said: Mom ,You're awesome! This meal is too good! Then, an omelet rice was quickly wiped out!
Life is like this. When you feel boring, then you can find a way to give life a little bit of fun. It is also eggs and rice, but you put the eggs on the outside and the fried rice on the inside. It looks completely different. Visual There is a new idea, and the taste is different even when I eat it! Moreover, the egg skins of my stall this time also put a special raw material, which makes the egg skins not only fluffy, but also creamy! If you want to know how to do it, just look down!



1. Peel the carrots and ham and cut into small cubes, about the size of a peas;

Omurice recipe

2. Heat up the wok, add cooking oil, then put the sliced carrots, diced ham, and peas into the pan and stir-fry until the peas are mature; you can also fry the peas first, then put the ham and carrots;

Omurice recipe

3. Put an egg in, because the three ingredients you put before do not absorb oil, so there is a lot of oil in the wok. Just knock an egg into it and stir-fry with a spatula to spread the egg;

Omurice recipe

4. The leftover rice will harden overnight. Pinch the rice and put it in the pot and stir fry together;

Omurice recipe

5. After the rice is evenly stir-fried, add salt and light soy sauce and stir-fry evenly. The color of the fried rice with soy sauce becomes darker and more attractive;

Omurice recipe

6. Beat three eggs in a big bowl;

Omurice recipe

7. Pour the whipped cream. I use animal whipped cream here, which is not sweet;

Omurice recipe

8. Add a little bit of salt and mix, stir well; I made two egg skins with this amount;

Omurice recipe

9. Put some oil in the pan, pour half of the egg liquid, shake the body of the pan to make the area of the egg skin spread a bit larger and thinner; I use a frying pan with a flat bottom here. Either a frying pan or an electric baking pan can be used to make egg crusts; when spreading the egg crusts, the fire should be lower;

Omurice recipe

10. After the egg skin is solidified, put some of the fried rice on the side of the egg skin, don't put too much, too much will not cover it;

Omurice recipe

11. Cover the fried rice with egg crust on the other side, and gently press the edge with a spatula to put the rice on the plate without revealing the rice;

Omurice recipe

12. I used three eggs to spread out two egg skins and made two omelet rice. The prepared omelet rice was squeezed with tomato sauce, which looks better and is more popular with children.

Omurice recipe

13. Cut from the middle, you can see the fried rice inside, the taste is amazing! After such processing, the ordinary leftover rice has become more appetizing! This kind of deliciousness is posted in the circle of friends, and it is guaranteed to be praised in seconds!

Omurice recipe


Omurice recipe


When spreading the egg skins, I put some light cream, which not only makes the egg skins more fluffy, but also gives the egg skins a little creamy fragrance. If there is no light cream, you can add it without it, or replace it with a little milk.


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