Oven Version Grill

Oven Version Grill

by Lime Reviews

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Summer is here, do you like to eat barbecue, drink beer, traditional barbecue requires barbecue grill, charcoal; is it very troublesome, now I will introduce you to a simple method, using an oven for barbecue, the taste is great


Oven Version Grill

1. Prepare your favorite ingredients

Oven Version Grill recipe

2. The ingredients are cleaned, and the ham sausage is cut with a knife to make it easy to taste

Oven Version Grill recipe

3. Adjust barbecue sauce: mix garlic + light soy sauce + oyster sauce + salt + chili oil and mix well.

Oven Version Grill recipe

4. Barbecue sauce is mainly in chili oil. I am very famous for using Guizhou chili. It is famous because of its strength. The chili powder itself has a salty taste. After preparation, only add sesame seeds and top with hot oil. It is already very delicious!

Oven Version Grill recipe

5. Place the neatly arranged ingredients on the baking tray and brush with barbecue sauce.
The baking pan should be covered with tin foil, with the matt film of the tin foil facing up!

Oven Version Grill recipe

6. This is the second plate. One plate is not enough for my family to eat. It is only enjoyable to make 2-3 plates at a time.
Put it in the oven at 175 degrees and bake for 15-20 minutes.

Oven Version Grill recipe

7. Barbecue ingredients are made according to the preferences of yourself and your family.
Barbecue is to eat happily, and put whatever you like. Pork belly, tenderloin, leeks, etc. are also delicious when grilled!

Oven Version Grill recipe


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