Oyster Radish Vermicelli Soup

Oyster Radish Vermicelli Soup

by Fragrance

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A light and delicious soup, the operation is quite simple, without a drop of oil, it is so fresh!


Oyster Radish Vermicelli Soup

1. Wash the oysters to control the moisture, shred the radish, soak the vermicelli in water, and chop the coriander.
Pour 1,300 ml of cold water into the pot, add the shredded radish and vermicelli, and boil with the lid open on high heat. It will boil for about three minutes.

Oyster Radish Vermicelli Soup recipe

2. Put the oysters, the following operations should be fast:
Don't take more than two minutes from when the oysters are put into the pot to turn off the fire, otherwise the oysters will grow old.
Float away

Oyster Radish Vermicelli Soup recipe

3. Add four teaspoons of salt, half a teaspoon of white pepper, and sprinkle with coriander.

The amount of salt and pepper tasted and tasted by yourself.

Oyster Radish Vermicelli Soup recipe


Another way is to use the scallion, ginger and garlic to fry the pot and then cook it, but I feel that the finished product is not as fresh as the unflaked pot. Choose according to personal preference.


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