Oyster Sauce Cabbage

Oyster Sauce Cabbage

by Shangshizhiwen

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A few days ago, an encounter story in this city was going crazy in the WeChat circle.

The boy met a girl at the station, who was gentle and well-informed. The boy described her preferences and temperament in detail, not just her appearance. It's just that, even if the two take the same bus every morning, even if this experience lasts for more than a year, the boy who is ashamed to express has never opened his mouth. It wasn't until recently that they suddenly didn't meet her, that the boys were frightened and afraid that they finally mustered up the courage to tell this story in the WeChat circle, hoping to see her again.

If a few years ago, I would have been moved by the boy's affection, and hoped that the two would meet again and fall in love. Now, the older you are, the more you feel that you are sincere about this kind of thing, and it is better for people to know it as soon as possible.

Years are long and changes are constantly changing. If God gives you the opportunity, you must know how to cherish it. Such a good woman, even if she didn't have a boyfriend at the moment she first saw her, I don't know if anyone will confess to her in the next second. I haven't confessed for more than a year. In addition to being shy by nature, I also worry about being rejected or uncertain about the future. Had it not been for the girl's sudden absence, he might have dragged on for a long time without speaking. The human heart is separated by flesh and blood, and people will be suspicious when they say it, not to mention that no one can see it.

When he was young, who had never had a romantic encounter, even himself, once met a tall and handsome boy at a station, and walked together a section of the road to another station in the winter night. Although the road is short, the lights are warm, and people who chat with each other are considered to be friends, but in the end they still take a different car to leave. I didn't have a mobile phone at that time, and I thought I would meet again if I was destined in such a small city. But there was a huge crowd, and when he turned around, he didn't meet again. Even after a period of time, he can't even remember his face, and even if he meets, he may pass by.

Compared with the various realities of falling in love, this short encounter has a different kind of warm light because it is only beautiful, but it is only a memory after all. Life is short. If you meet someone you love at first sight, it's better to confess. Don't be afraid of being rejected. Talking is a 50% chance. If you don't talk, you will never have a chance.

When I tasted Cantonese cabbage for the first time in Cantonese evening tea, it was very crisp and refreshing. When I first met in the supermarket a few days ago, it was just after 7 o'clock in the evening. I happened to encounter half price of vegetables. A lot of people are rushing to buy it, and only after reading the label did they know that it was it. When the cabbage is not cooked, it looks a bit like rapeseed. It is soft green with fine yellow flowers. At first glance, it looks like a southern dish, unlike the Chinese cabbage in the northeast, which is rough and majestic. The feeling of biyouyou made people fall in love at first sight, and I quickly grabbed a few bundles and bought them home. Whether it is blanched cold or stir-fried with garlic, it is very delicious, especially when it is topped with oyster sauce, it is fresh and delicious.

It’s just as true to make delicious food. If you like it, you can quickly buy it and make it with your heart. It’s too late, someone will grab the food in the supermarket, let alone people...


Oyster Sauce Cabbage

1. Cut off the root of the choy sum. Soak in water for about 10 minutes, then wash it off and drain off the water.

Oyster Sauce Cabbage recipe

2. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, boil, add the choy sum and soda noodles. Blanch for about half a minute until the choy sum changes color.

Oyster Sauce Cabbage recipe

3. Immediately remove the choy sum, rinse under cold water faucet, and drain. Wash the colored peppers and cut into small cubes.

Oyster Sauce Cabbage recipe

4. Cut the onion into small dices, peel the garlic and cut into small dices. After the wok is hot, add the oil. When the oil temperature is slightly higher, add the onion and garlic and stir fry.

Oyster Sauce Cabbage recipe

5. Put the choy sum in, add salt, stir fry evenly, and serve. Put the oyster sauce, sugar, and 10ml of water into the pot and stir-fry to form oyster sauce.

Oyster Sauce Cabbage recipe

6. Arrange the choy sums neatly on the plate. Pour in oyster sauce and sprinkle with diced bell peppers.

Oyster Sauce Cabbage recipe


1. The cabbage contains oxalic acid. Boil it with water before frying to reduce the oxalic acid and remove the green and astringent taste of the vegetable.

2. After blanching the choy sum, it contains a lot of water. You can squeeze out the excess water before putting it in the wok, so that there will not be a lot of water coming out after frying.


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