Pan Fried Bun

Pan Fried Bun

by Little Bear Meng Canteen

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You can make pan-fried buns that don’t stick to the golden bottom at home

Pan Fried Bun

1. Put all-purpose flour and yeast into the kneading machine, set the kneading program for 15 minutes, and let the noodles rise for 1.5 hours

Pan Fried Bun recipe

2. Start the dough mixer, add water in three times until the flour becomes large and flocculent. Stop adding water, because different flours have different water absorption properties. After kneading the dough into a dough, check the softness and hardness of the dough. Add a small amount (within 10 grams) of water or noodles according to your needs until the desired effect is achieved.

Pan Fried Bun recipe

3. Chop green onion, mince ginger, mince pork belly. Add all the ingredients and seasonings to the minced meat

Pan Fried Bun recipe

4. The dough is well fermented, and the inside is honeycomb with a slightly sour taste. If it is too acidic, it means over-fermentation. Next, you need to add an appropriate amount of baking soda to neutralize the sour taste.

Pan Fried Bun recipe

5. Sprinkle flour on the panel, take out the fermented dough, and squeeze it out. Knead into long strips (20g/piece), roll out into a thick and thin dough in the middle, wrap the stuffing and close the mouth.

Pan Fried Bun recipe

6. Heat up the oil in a hot pan (the oil is about the bottom of the buns), turn to low heat, add the buns and fry them to make the bottom golden brown, then add water to half of the buns. Cover the pot and boil the water on high heat

Pan Fried Bun recipe


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