Pan-fried Potato Pancakes

Pan-fried Potato Pancakes

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I want to make a delicious, simple, and nutritious breakfast.


Pan-fried Potato Pancakes

1. Shred potatoes, soak in water to filter out starch. Note that it must be shredded by a knife and not rubbed by a tool. Not only does it taste good but also beautiful.

Pan-fried Potato Pancakes recipe

2. Shred the onion. I choose purple onion. The taste is sweeter than spicy, and it goes well with potatoes.

Pan-fried Potato Pancakes recipe

3. Drain the potatoes and put the shredded onion together in a container. Add eggs, salt, chicken essence, thirteen spices, starch, flour, and chopped green onions, and mix well.

Pan-fried Potato Pancakes recipe

4. Preheat the electric baking pan and put the bottom oil (a pan or a wok is fine), spread the mixed potatoes and onions on the pan, and fry on medium heat for 5 minutes.

Pan-fried Potato Pancakes recipe

5. Continue to fry on the other side for 3 minutes, and both sides are well cooked, ready to be out of the pan.

Pan-fried Potato Pancakes recipe


With the sweet and sour kimchi made by yourself, you can enjoy it in 10 minutes. Potato cakes have distinct roots, golden color and delicious taste.


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