Pengcheng Fish Ball

Pengcheng Fish Ball

by Tiger Mom Shangcai

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It is said that during the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, at the old Xuzhou famous brand Yuelai Restaurant, a chef named Li Zichang used a carp to make four dishes: silver bead fish, vinegared diced fish, multi-flavored keel, and fish soup Renowned in the kitchen industry. Among them, the "Silver Bead Fish" received the most praise. The champion Li Pan once wrote a poem after tasting: "The carp gets out of its body and turns into a silver bead, and the multi-flavored keel is trapped in the belly." The title link: "Pengcheng fish balls have a long-standing reputation in the north and the south." Since then, "Yinzhu Fish" has also been renamed "Pengcheng Fish Ball".


Pengcheng Fish Ball

1. Material collection

2. Preparation: Soak shiitake mushrooms and vermicelli in hot water and wash them. Change the water several times in the middle of the shiitake mushrooms.

3. Boil the heart of rapeseed in salted boiling water, cut the mushrooms into strips, slice the ham, add green onion and ginger juice to the starch and mix thoroughly

Pengcheng Fish Ball recipe

4. Put the two pieces of black fish off

5. Remove the skin and the bones of the octopus. The black fish skin is very thick, especially easy to remove, the fish bones and fish skin are reserved for the soup

6. Then cut the fish into small pieces, put 15 grams of fat pork and 15 grams of soaked vermicelli into the cooking machine and smash them into minced meatballs.

Pengcheng Fish Ball recipe

7. Add 1 egg white, 2 tablespoons of green onion and ginger starch, 1 gram of salt, and a few drops of Huadiao wine to the beaten meatballs

8. Whip evenly in one direction with chopsticks

9. Grab a handful of meatballs and squeeze out the shape of the meatballs at the mouth of the tiger

Pengcheng Fish Ball recipe

10. After the water is boiled, squeeze the balls in one by one, turn off the fire and remove them after all the balls are floating.

11. Add a little oil to the wok, add the fish head, fish bone and fish skin after heating, and fry it until the color changes.

12. Add boiling water, cook until the fish soup is thick and white, then turn off the heat, the whole process takes about 20 minutes

Pengcheng Fish Ball recipe

13. In another slightly smaller pot, add 10 grams of fat pork, fry until the lard is produced, then add green onions and ginger and sauté

14. Pour in the fish soup, pick out the green onion, ginger and lard residue and discard, add the mushrooms and ham to a boil on high heat

15. Then add fish balls, cabbage heart, salt, green onion and ginger juice, water starch, boil it again and pour a few drops of Huadiao wine and sesame oil, and then it can be out

Pengcheng Fish Ball recipe
Pengcheng Fish Ball recipe


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