Pork in A Pot

Pork in A Pot

by Panda

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Before leaving work, when I was thinking about what to eat at night, my work partner, Yin Yin, mentioned the pot of pork, so I came back to try it in the evening. I don’t know if it is authentic or not, because this is a northern dish and I haven’t eaten it before. , But the one made by myself is really delicious.


Pork in A Pot

1. The pork fillet needs to be thinly sliced into the tenderloin. The thickness is about half a centimeter. Too thick is not easy to cook and taste, and it is too thin to burn and it is easy to burn.

Pork in A Pot recipe

2. Separate the egg and lay the egg yolk and egg white, cut the green onion into sections, shred the ginger, and smash the garlic. It does not need to be carefully processed. I marinated the meat twice, once for the flavor of the auxiliary materials, and cut the cut tenderloin. Pour into a large bowl, pour the egg whites, add green onion, ginger, garlic slices, add appropriate amount of salt and MSG, stir well, and marinate for about ten minutes

Pork in A Pot recipe

3. When the marinating is almost done, pick out the ginger, onion and garlic and put them in a small bowl, don’t throw them away, as they will be used later, and then pour the fried frying powder on the tenderloin that has been marinated for the first time, and mix well. , Keep marinating for ten minutes to let it taste

Pork in A Pot recipe

4. Pour in more oil, heat it at a high temperature first, then adjust the induction cooker to 160 degrees, put the tenderloin in and fry it for the first time. Discoloration and yellowing can be taken out and put on the plate first. Don’t fry for a long time, or the meat will get old. Up

Pork in A Pot recipe

5. After the meat has been deep-fried, increase the temperature, and pour all the tenderloin in at a high temperature of 210 degrees and re-fry, so that the meat becomes crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and it will be fried until golden brown.

Pork in A Pot recipe

6. To make the sauce, pour out the oil in the wok, leave a little on the bottom of the pan, pour in about two spoons of white vinegar, two spoons of cooking wine, one teaspoon of salt, and more sugar (otherwise the sourness cannot be made) Sweet feeling), turn on the induction cooker to 130 degrees, stir with a spatula while boiling to avoid burning. If you want to decorate, you can sprinkle a small handful of white sesame seeds like me on it. When the sugar is melted, it will thicken. Pour in the fried tenderloin, wait until the tenderloin is coated with the sauce, then pour in the ginger, onion and garlic that was marinated the first time the tenderloin just now and fry it together. Once it is cooked, you can serve it on the plate.

Pork in A Pot recipe


You can also replace the white vinegar with tomato sauce. Different regions have slightly different methods. It seems that tomato sauce is also used, but don't use both, otherwise it will be too sour.


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