Pork Shredded with Ginger and Fish Flavor

Pork Shredded with Ginger and Fish Flavor

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I highly recommend this dish. I ate it in a restaurant many years ago. A few of my friends liked it so much. So I went home and tried it myself. It is easy to make. The pickled ginger and pickled peppers taste good. The dishes will be delicious, the special appetizer is served with rice, salty, sweet and sour, so enjoyable, in a hot day, this dish will definitely let you sweep out two bowls of rice. Because a lot of pickled ginger and pickled peppers are used, the taste can be imagined, which is better than simple fish-flavored shredded pork. This dish was photographed a few years ago, because the name was wrong, I couldn’t find it and couldn’t publish it. Although I did it, I hurriedly wiped it out and forgot to take it. Today I found it and edited it.


Pork Shredded with Ginger and Fish Flavor

1. Fish-flavored sauce: 15ml light soy sauce, 10ml cooking wine, 15ml white rice vinegar, 10g sugar, 5g starch, appropriate amount of oil

Prepare all the ingredients, put all the seasonings of the fish sauce in a bowl and mix into a sauce for later use

2. Shred pickled ginger, mince pickled peppers, and mince garlic

Pork Shredded with Ginger and Fish Flavor recipe

3. Wash the tenderloin and cut into thin strips, marinate for a while with a little salt, cooking wine and starch

4. Pour the oil into the pot and heat it up, and the marinated pork shreds quickly scatter

Pork Shredded with Ginger and Fish Flavor recipe

5. The shredded pork will be served until 8 mature and change color

6. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, sauté minced garlic and pickled peppers

Pork Shredded with Ginger and Fish Flavor recipe

7. Add soaked ginger and stir fry

8. Add the shredded pork and stir fry for 15 seconds, pour in the fish-flavored sauce and stir-fry quickly.

Pork Shredded with Ginger and Fish Flavor recipe


1. If you have enough time, you can freeze the pork in advance, and it will be more even and beautiful if you cut into shreds after setting;
2. If you want to be richer, you can add lettuce, fungus and other vegetables you like into it;
3. Because pickled ginger, pickled pepper, and light soy sauce all have a salty taste, salt can be added according to taste;
4. The key to the taste of this dish is the quality of pickled ginger and pickled peppers. What I bought is not ordinary sour ginger and sour chili, but from Sichuan, it tastes very good;
5. The fish-flavored sauce is best to be blended in advance, so that you don't need to put the seasoning in the same way when cooking and prolong the time to make the shredded pork grow old. This fish-flavored sauce can also be used to make fish-flavored shredded pork, fish-flavored eggplant and other fish-flavored dishes.


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