Potato and Egg Fry

Potato and Egg Fry

by Liaonan Crab

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Cooking new dishes has become my habit. Looking back, it seems that I am innovating every day. I feel very good recently. No matter what the ingredients are, I can use it to make and shoot. It is really handy. Sometimes it feels like there are no ingredients at home, so I opened the refrigerator and took a look. Wow, there are several dishes. What are you worried about? Potatoes are the reserved food in the family, and eggs are also reserved food, so eggs and potatoes often go on a date. Let’s have a new way of eating today. It was overcast and I was not satisfied with the food, but I was very satisfied with the food.


Potato and Egg Fry

1. Peel and dice potatoes

Potato and Egg Fry recipe

2. Steam the cut potatoes in a basket, at the same time you can steam other things, or you can boil them in water

Potato and Egg Fry recipe

3. The eggs are scattered, the sprouts are ready, and the steamed potatoes are ready

Potato and Egg Fry recipe

4. Heat the pan, pour the oil, and sauté coriander sprouts

Potato and Egg Fry recipe

5. Turn over the potatoes and fry them over low heat. Turn over while frying

Potato and Egg Fry recipe

6. Add salt and crispy powder

Potato and Egg Fry recipe

7. Pour the egg liquid

Potato and Egg Fry recipe

8. Fry in a small fire for setting

Potato and Egg Fry recipe

9. Put the chopped green onions out of the pot

Potato and Egg Fry recipe


1. The sprouts are not necessary, you can use them if you don't. Or use chopped onions and chopped green onions.
2. It's more important to control the heat, so don't let it go.


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