Potato Beef Braised Rice

Potato Beef Braised Rice

by tgcyy

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The stewed rice is simple, the raw materials are rich and frugal, and the rice and vegetables are served in one pot. The rice grains are cooked to absorb the aroma of the broth. The grains are distinct and flavorful, which is really delicious!


Potato Beef Braised Rice

1. After the oil in the wok is hot, add the diced beef and stir fry.

Potato Beef Braised Rice recipe

2. Stir-fry the diced beef, cook it with cooking wine, add onion and fry until fragrant.

Potato Beef Braised Rice recipe

3. Add diced carrots and diced potatoes.

Potato Beef Braised Rice recipe

4. Add soy sauce, salt, and some water.

Potato Beef Braised Rice recipe

5. Wash the rice, put it in the rice cooker, and pour the fried potatoes and beef with the soup into the rice cooker to start cooking. The amount of water is based on your habits, if you like soft rice, add more water. I personally think that the amount of water can be less than usual for cooking rice, and the taste is better.

Potato Beef Braised Rice recipe

6. The program stops, stir the stewed rice with a rice spoon and eat it.

Potato Beef Braised Rice recipe

7. It's delicious!

Potato Beef Braised Rice recipe


I prefer stewed rice with a harder taste. The grains of rice are distinctly more fragrant!


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