Potato Omelette

Potato Omelette

by Ju Na JUJU

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Very delicious pancakes~~


Potato Omelette

1. Dice ham; wash potatoes, peel and cut into pieces, and steam in a steamer for about 10 minutes

Potato Omelette recipe

2. Press the boiled potatoes while hot to puree; while still warm, put the cheese slices in and stir

Potato Omelette recipe

3. Add flour and eggs, stir into a batter; add diced ham and stir evenly

Potato Omelette recipe

4. Then add some salt and pepper to taste; brush the pan with a thin layer of oil, do not open the heat yet, scoop a spoonful of the batter into it, and spread it evenly

Potato Omelette recipe

5. Then turn on the low heat and fry slowly, and fry until the shape is set; shake the pan gently, turn it over carefully after the cake is set, and fry until the other side is golden.

Potato Omelette recipe


The batter should be mixed into chopsticks and picked up, and the state of dripping slowly is the best; when the pancake is turned over, be very careful the first time, turn it slowly, too much force and easy to loose, both sides are fried until the shape is set It's a good turn; the cheese slice itself has a salty taste, so don't put too much salt; adding cheese slices will be very fragrant, but it is fine to not add it.


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