Pretzel Soviet Mooncake

Pretzel Soviet Mooncake

by Tian Luo girl

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The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, make a delicious pretzel mooncake for your family to express your wishes!
This kind of meringue mooncakes are Soviet-style mooncakes, which are mainly made of flour and lard. Unlike Cantonese-style mooncakes that require aged inverted syrup and liquid water, the raw materials are better to gather, but they need to be folded multiple times. In order to make a crispy taste, so don’t be lazy for the taste~~


Pretzel Soviet Mooncake

1. Let me talk about the preparation of salt and pepper filling. Put 150 grams of flour in a small pot and fry on low heat but not too yellow; remove the black seeds in the pepper and beat it into pepper powder; find a larger pot and put it in the pepper powder 5 Gram

Pretzel Soviet Mooncake recipe

2. Add salt and fried flour; pour in peanut oil, add a spoonful of rose sauce and mix well

Pretzel Soviet Mooncake recipe

3. Pastry ingredients: 100 grams of flour, 50 grams of lard, and dough; water and oil skin materials: 100 grams of flour, 30 grams of lard, 50 grams of warm water, 3 grams of salt, and dough; the pastry and water and oil skin are divided into 8 equal parts Small ingredients, of which about 18 grams of shortbread, about 23 grams of water and oily skin

Pretzel Soviet Mooncake recipe

4. Take one oil-crusted dough and wrap it with pastry dough; take one oil-crusted dough and wrap it with pastry dough; roll it up from top to bottom, and let it sit aside for 15 minutes

Pretzel Soviet Mooncake recipe

5. Put the rested roll upright and roll it out again; roll it up again from top to bottom and let it stand for 15 minutes

Pretzel Soviet Mooncake recipe

6. Put it upright for the last time and roll it out; roll it up from top to bottom and let it stand for 15 minutes; finally fold the roll in half with both hands and press it into a dose

Pretzel Soviet Mooncake recipe

7. The pre-prepared salt and pepper filling is divided into 25 grams each; put the salt and pepper filling in the agent, and put it on the baking tray; the upper and lower fire middle layer, 180 degrees for 15 minutes is almost enough, because the fillings are all cooked~ If you look good, you can also click a red dot

Pretzel Soviet Mooncake recipe


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