Private Spicy Eggs

Private Spicy Eggs

by Shimizu Shark's Fin Kitchen

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We don’t know how many spring, summer, autumn and winter dishes of my family’s spicy eggs have been with us. Regardless of the season, 80% of our tables have it. Whether it’s rice, steamed buns, or rice porridge, they are all-match. When it is vegetarian, use it to serve food, when the food is greasy, it is a refreshing dish, so our relationship with this dish is very, very deep!

This dish is made of spicy chili peppers, and they are sneezing while frying. You need to add a little more salt to cover the spicyness of the chili peppers. Put a little soy sauce on the side of the pan before cooking. Soy sauce, followed by a small "sting" sound, and the aroma of soy sauce is also over your face. At this time, evenly coat the scrambled eggs in the pan with a thin layer of soy sauce, and the dish will be out of the pan. , So this last process is indispensable. It is the key to stir-fry this dish.


Private Spicy Eggs

1. Wash the chili and chop finely

Private Spicy Eggs recipe

2. Heat the wok and pour the oil, put the peppercorns until fragrant, put the green onion and ginger in the pot, then add the chopped chili and stir fry. When the chili becomes soft, add salt and soy sauce. Stir-fry until there is no moisture, add a little MSG, and then beat the eggs Into the pot, stir the eggs and chili with a spatula until the eggs are set. Finally, pour a little soy sauce along the side of the pot. With the aroma of soy sauce, the chili and eggs in the pot will be covered with a thin layer of soy sauce. The dish is out of the pot

Private Spicy Eggs recipe


Private Spicy Eggs recipe


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