Purple Yam Tremella

Purple Yam Tremella

by Apple Kitchen

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Obsessed with all purple ingredients. In life, there is always a need for bright colors to light up. Purple yam, I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. With white fungus, cook it slowly, at least for more than an hour. Why not try this time-saving purple yam white fungus dew. It only takes half an hour to deliver the ingredients to the wall breaker and you can get a cup of sweet and smooth hot drink.
This winter, if you want your skin to become supple and smooth, come and try this purple yam white fungus lotion! It's delicious and nourishing!


Purple Yam Tremella

1. Prepare ingredients.

Purple Yam Tremella recipe

2. Soak the white fungus in warm water in advance.

Purple Yam Tremella recipe

3. Peel the purple yam and cut into small pieces. Remove the roots and tear the white fungus into small flowers.

Purple Yam Tremella recipe

4. Put purple yam and white fungus into the stainless steel mixing cup with heating function of the wall breaker.

Purple Yam Tremella recipe

5. Add 1000 ml of water, then add an appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Purple Yam Tremella recipe

6. Lock the cover clockwise as required.

Purple Yam Tremella recipe

7. Put the stainless steel mixing cup on the wall breaker, and the operation menu will be displayed after the power is turned on. If you operate directly on the machine, use the knob to select the "Rice Paste" button to start, and the production time is 30 minutes; if you are on the mobile phone APP, you can also select the "Rice Paste" recipe to start directly, and the production time is 30 minutes. .

Purple Yam Tremella recipe

8. The wall breaking machine works, just wait for it to be delicious.

Purple Yam Tremella recipe


Purple Yam Tremella recipe


Purple Yam Tremella recipe


Purple Yam Tremella recipe


Purple Yam Tremella recipe


1. Purple yam and purple sweet potato can be matched with white fungus. You don’t have to worry about overflowing the pot with the wall breaker, you can leave the machine at any time and keep track of the work progress through the AP.
2 Diabetics should not add sugar, please pay attention!


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