Chicken Heart recipes

Really (gizzard) Sincerely

Chicken Heart, Chicken Gizzards, Shallot

Curry Chicken Hearts

Chicken Heart, Curry, Green Onion Ginger

Stir-fried Chicken Hearts with Scallions

Chicken Heart, Green Onions, Cooking Wine

Chicken Heart Braised Cabbage

Chinese Cabbage, Chicken Heart, Oil

Spicy Fried Cumin Chicken Hearts

Chicken Heart, Hot Pepper, Millet Spicy

Cumin Chicken Heart

Chicken Heart, Onion, Oil

Stir-fried Chicken Miscellaneous

Chicken Gizzards, Hot Pepper, Chicken Heart

Griddle Chicken Miscellaneous

Chicken Gizzards, Chicken Heart, Celery

Sauce Chicken Heart

Chicken Heart, Tofu Slices, Cooking Wine

Stir-fried Chicken Hearts with Soaked Ginger

Bubble Ginger, Chicken Heart, Vegetable Oil

Oyster Sauce Chicken Hearts

Chicken Heart, Oyster Sauce, Vegetable Oil

Spicy Chicken Heart

Chicken Heart, Green Pepper, Red Pepper

Marinated Chicken Gizzards and Dried Tofu with Chicken Hearts

Chicken Gizzards, Chicken Heart, Dried Tofu

Flavored Cumin Chicken Hearts

Chicken Heart, Shallots