Ribs Braised Rice

Ribs Braised Rice

by Jamie Pastoral

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More and more like the delicious food in one pot. You can mix and match the ingredients at will, and you can put it in as long as you like. It is rich in nutrients, simple and healthy to make, and tastes very good.


Ribs Braised Rice

1. Wash the ribs, blanch in the pot and remove the water to drain

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

2. Put the ribs in a container, add salt, sweet noodle sauce, fermented bean curd oyster sauce, soy sauce, white sugar, cooking wine, and pepper to marinate evenly for 2 hours

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

3. Peel and wash potatoes, cut into hob blocks

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

4. Wash the carrots and cut into hob pieces

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

5. Wash the rice, put it in the inner pot of the rice cooker and add appropriate amount of water

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

6. Add potatoes and carrots

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

7. Put in the ribs and pour in the sauce together with the marinated ribs

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

8. Put the inner pot into the rice cooker and turn it on. Cook and cut off the power, stir evenly, serve and enjoy

Ribs Braised Rice recipe


1. The ingredients are matched according to personal preference.
2. The seasoning for marinated ribs is added according to personal taste.


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