Ribs Braised Rice

Ribs Braised Rice

by Sister Du's Kitchen

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Rice is usually cooked as white rice. Sometimes we make some porridge or egg fried rice. Today, we will teach you the delicious recipe of braised rice with spare ribs. The rice is raised with Jiuyang Qingqing a can of fresh rice. The grains of rice are distinct and the taste is strong. , Blended into the gravy flavor of ribs, very delicious.


Ribs Braised Rice

1. Prepare all ingredients.

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

2. Wash the pork ribs with cold water first, then pour cold water into the pot, add the ribs to a boil and start to blanch the water, blanch the water and cook the ribs, about 10 minutes.

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

3. Boil the ribs and set aside. Remove the red pepper seeds and cut into small cubes, mince garlic cloves, mince ginger, and cut green onion leaves into 1 cm pieces.

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

4. Heat oil in a pot, add green onion, ginger, garlic and stir fry until the aroma is added to the ribs.

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

5. Put salt, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and cooking wine into the ribs and stir-fry them to taste.

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

6. After sautéing the ribs, if you want to make the ribs more flavorful, you can add a spoonful of bean paste and stir fully.

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

7. Put the rice in the rice cooker, add the half-cooked pork ribs and diced red pepper to the water. The amount of water is the amount of water used to cook the rice. Stir it up and down with a spatula.

Ribs Braised Rice recipe

8. When the rice is cooked, the ribs braised rice is ready.

Ribs Braised Rice recipe


1. Blanch the ribs first to remove bloody water and fishy smell, add seasonings and mix well, the taste will be more delicious, blanch the ribs for ten minutes, the ribs will be softer and rotten.
2. When the rice is cooked, simmer for ten minutes. The gravy from the ribs can penetrate into the rice to make the rice more delicious.


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