Rice Pancakes

Rice Pancakes

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Make leftover rice no longer left


Rice Pancakes

1. Green vegetables (any green leafy vegetables are fine) I use lettuce, carrots, chives, eggs, wash

Rice Pancakes recipe

2. Greens, carrots, chopped chives

Rice Pancakes recipe

3. Put the freshly cut vegetables, carrots, chives, and scallions into the rice container, then add salt, thirteen incense, chicken essence, fuel consumption, and eggs (I put 2 in the picture and only took 1 in the picture)

Rice Pancakes recipe

4. Mix well

Rice Pancakes recipe

5. Put oil in the pan, pour in an appropriate amount of mixed rice, and spread flat

Rice Pancakes recipe

6. It can also be made into smaller cakes for children to eat

Rice Pancakes recipe

7. Turn it over

Rice Pancakes recipe

8. Turn it over, you can also fry it for a while and it will be as crispy as rice crust

Rice Pancakes recipe

9. Fry the golden brown on both sides

Rice Pancakes recipe


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