Roasted Gluten

Roasted Gluten

by Lin Binger

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Baked gluten, you can see it in the streets and alleys now, especially in the summer night market, there are all kinds of grilled gluten with various titles. Before, I rarely buy this kind of barbecue food outside, but some After taking the child to practice taekwondo, the little guy said he was hungry. There were a lot of snacks around, but the grilled gluten seemed to be suitable for him. So he bought him a few strings of gluten and ham from this stall. Intestines, the little guy ate several sticks in threes and fives. The skewers said that the guy was really hungry. Street hot snack home oven version-grilled gluten. I also tasted the roots by the way and thought it tasted really good. Since then, the little guy will ask him to buy skewers every time he passes by this skewers stall, but Dad Han’s attitude is firm, so he can’t satisfy him, but seeing that he is so greedy, forget it, I’ll go home and bake it for him in the oven, although The taste is worse than others, but at least it can guarantee health. The best-selling street snack in Kazakhstan. Home oven version-roasted gluten


Roasted Gluten

1. 1. Put salt in a bowl and add light soy sauce
2. Pour a little oyster sauce
3. Add sesame oil
4. Put an appropriate amount of warm water and mix thoroughly
5. Wash the skewers and drain the water
6. Put the skewers into the adjusted juice and use a brush to brush the material
7. Put it on the plate, sprinkle the chili noodles and cumin powder
8. Put into the oven and bake at 100 degrees for three minutes
9. Sprinkle a little cumin in the meantime.

Roasted Gluten recipe


1. If you are not in a hurry, you can soak the gluten in the soup overnight before making it more delicious
2. Cumin can not hang well, so you can use cumin powder instead
3. The roasting time should not be too long, otherwise the gluten will be easy to roast.


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