Sauerkraut Cornbread

Sauerkraut Cornbread

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How to make sauerkraut buns to make them delicious? How to adjust the sauerkraut filling to make it delicious?


Sauerkraut Cornbread

1. Pickled cabbage from the sauerkraut tank will have a sour smell, just rinse it with clean water repeatedly, then chop the sauerkraut, use your hands to remove the excess water, chop the green onion and ginger into it, rinse the wakame with clean water , Also chopped,

Sauerkraut Cornbread recipe

2. Do not add pork directly to sauerkraut for filling, but cut the pork into small pieces. The choice of pork should be fatter, so as to make more lard. Put a small bowl of cold water in the pot and put the pork pieces in it. Put them in a pot together and use a medium-high heat to refine the oil. When the pork starts to produce oil, turn to a low heat, and slowly roast the water. The rest is lard. The sauerkraut is very oil-absorbing. In addition to vegetable oil, it must be refined. The made lard will be more fragrant, this is also sauerkraut

Sauerkraut Cornbread recipe

3. Clean the wakame, chop it and put it together with the sauerkraut, add various condiments, the cold lard and the leftover pork residue from the oil refining, mix well and mix the filling, remember not to put soy sauce, the amount of salt is OK Increase or decrease according to personal taste,

Sauerkraut Cornbread recipe

4. After the sauerkraut filling is adjusted, add the noodles, add boiling water to the cornmeal, stir with chopsticks while heating the water, and blanch about 2/3 of the part. When it is cool to the hand temperature, add the white noodles and water to form a dough ,

Sauerkraut Cornbread recipe

5. Divide the mixed dough into a medium-sized flour paste, sprinkle a little corn flour on it to prevent sticking, roll it into a disc shape with a rolling pin, and you can prepare the buns.

Sauerkraut Cornbread recipe

6. Take a piece of dough and put an appropriate amount of sauerkraut filling, put your hands together to wrap it,

Sauerkraut Cornbread recipe

7. The wrapped buns do not need to be awake, because they are hot noodles, not pasted, but cornmeal should be sprinkled on the curtain to prevent sticking. Put an appropriate amount of water in the steamer, and place the buns on the basket. Leave a certain amount of space between the steamed buns and steamed buns, otherwise they will stick together easily. After SAIC, it will start to count the time, which is about 18 minutes. The sauerkraut is not easy to cook, so the steaming time should be longer.

Sauerkraut Cornbread recipe


The key to delicious sauerkraut buns is to add refined lard. The sauerkraut absorbs oil. The oil must not be too little, otherwise it will not taste good.
When refining lard, pay attention to putting cold water in the cold pot at the beginning, use medium to high heat, and turn to low heat when the oil starts to come out, otherwise the oil will be easy to paste.
Sauerkraut is not easy to cook, so it takes longer to steam


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