Sauerkraut Crayfish

Sauerkraut Crayfish

by Caohai (from Tencent.)

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Everyone likes to eat crayfish. There are many ways to cook it, but any kind of crayfish is delicious. Crayfish is delicious, and it's a good choice to go casually with wine. Crayfish are rich in minerals. The magnesium element in it has an important regulatory effect on heart activity, protects the cardiovascular system, reduces cholesterol content in the blood, prevents arteriosclerosis, and at the same time expands the coronary arteries, which helps prevent high blood pressure and Myocardial infarction. But be careful to eat less shrimp eggs rich in cholesterol, so as not to affect your health.


Sauerkraut Crayfish

1. Prepare the ingredients

Sauerkraut Crayfish recipe

2. The lobster is taken care of when you buy it, just wash it off with a brush

Sauerkraut Crayfish recipe

3. Stir fried garlic and ginger with oil in a pan

Sauerkraut Crayfish recipe

4. Stir fry with sauerkraut and chili

Sauerkraut Crayfish recipe

5. Stir fry with crayfish

Sauerkraut Crayfish recipe

6. Stir fry

Sauerkraut Crayfish recipe

7. Stir-fry with cooking wine

Sauerkraut Crayfish recipe

8. Add 1 bowl of water, add light soy sauce and salt to taste

Sauerkraut Crayfish recipe

9. Add the broth, add the chopped green onion, stir fry, add the chicken essence, and get out of the pot

Sauerkraut Crayfish recipe

10. Loading

Sauerkraut Crayfish recipe


The sauerkraut paired with fried crayfish is especially fresh and delicious.


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