Sauerkraut White Meat

Sauerkraut White Meat

by Chef 3394412031

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After meeting my husband, I fell in love with this sauerkraut white meat


Sauerkraut White Meat

1. There are no bones at home, but elbow bones. Wash bones and stir-fry water

Sauerkraut White Meat recipe

2. Add cold water to the casserole, add the bones and meat, add the bay leaves, star anise, ginger garlic, green onion, and cinnamon together

Sauerkraut White Meat recipe

3. Turn the high heat to a low heat, take the meat out and let cool and prepare for slicing

Sauerkraut White Meat recipe

4. Cut the meat and put it in and continue to simmer. When the meat melts in your mouth, it’s ready to be simmered.

Sauerkraut White Meat recipe

5. Smash the garlic and put the sugar soy sauce fermented bean curd sesame oil, the garlic juice is adjusted

Sauerkraut White Meat recipe


Slowly cook, the meat will melt in your mouth after two or three hours


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