Sausage Braised Rice

Sausage Braised Rice

by Looking for Peach Blossom Island

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Sausage Braised Rice

1. Wash the rice and soak for ten minutes. The amount of water is more than the usual amount of water needed for half a cup of rice.

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

2. Cut the sausages and prepare mixed vegetables, namely blanched corn, green beans and carrots

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

3. Pour into the pot and mix well

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

4. Mix the seasonings in the accessories and start the "Claypot Rice" program

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

5. If the rice cooker does not have a Claypot rice program, you can directly select the ordinary rice mode, and then simmer for 10 minutes after completion.

Sausage Braised Rice recipe


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