Sausage Braised Rice

Sausage Braised Rice

by Golden ham gourmet kitchen

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When the weather is cold, the stomach likes hot things more and more, but the hands don't like to move more and more. If you want a lazy fast hand dish with meat and vegetables as the staple food, the first choice must be braised rice, which is more flavorful than ordinary white rice and sweeter than meat dishes alone! Sausages are a good partner for braising rice. The golden 10° fresh sausages used today are really easy to cook. The steaming guarantees the umami taste of the sausage to the greatest extent, while the stewing locks the meat and the rice fragrant layer by layer, condensing them into one. It is conceivable that the moment you turn on the rice cooker, the steam turns into a warm and flavorful fragrance; the rice is soft but not scattered, wrapped in delicious sausages and vegetables, making you immediately want to eat a bowl to satisfy your taste buds!
Today, the temperature is low, it is better to eat braised rice, let’s get ready soon~


Sausage Braised Rice

1. Cut the golden 10° fresh sausage into round slices.

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

2. Cut potatoes into pieces and roll them into pieces.

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

3. Wash the peas with water. Place the chopped sausage rounds, potato pieces, and peas on the uncooked rice in turn, and add an appropriate amount of water.

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

4. Pour the sauce into the rice cooker one by one.

Sausage Braised Rice recipe

5. Press the cooking button, cook for about 40 minutes, and mix well before serving.

Sausage Braised Rice recipe


The sauce can be blended according to personal preference, and chili sauce can also be added.


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