Sauteed Pumpkin Rice

Sauteed Pumpkin Rice

by Fable 7656

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Today I’m sharing with you the cured pumpkin braised rice, which is also a one-pot meal. It belongs to the lazy rice. The pumpkin chooses Beibei small pumpkin. This small pumpkin has less water, is sweet and has a thin skin and can be eaten with the skin. , Sausages are made in-house. Rice and millet are used for the rice. The braised rice is appropriately added with some coarse grains, which is more beneficial to health.
The rice in this lazy braised rice absorbs the oil of sausages and the unique fragrance of mushrooms. The sweetness of pumpkin is sweet and glutinous, and it is delicious in a bowl.


How to make it

1. Prepare ingredients: soak rice and millet together for 1 hour, sausages, shallots, shiitake mushrooms, pumpkin

Sauteed Pumpkin Rice recipe

2. Dice pumpkin, slice salami, cut small onion into small pieces, and cut small shiitake mushrooms into two. (The skin of the pumpkin is very thin, just wash it, no need to peel it)

Sauteed Pumpkin Rice recipe

3. Put the soaked rice into the rice cooker together with the diced pumpkin, and add a little less water than usual.

Sauteed Pumpkin Rice recipe

4. Put the bottom oil in the pot, add onions and mushrooms and fry them to create a fragrance.

Sauteed Pumpkin Rice recipe

5. After frying the flavor, add the sausage and fry until the sausage is transparent, and the fat part is spitting oil.

Sauteed Pumpkin Rice recipe

6. Put the fried mushrooms and sausages in a rice cooker, add some salt, umami soy sauce, and oyster sauce (chicken noodles)

Sauteed Pumpkin Rice recipe

7. Close the lid of the rice cooker and press the cooking button.

Sauteed Pumpkin Rice recipe

8. When the cooking program is over, turn on and mix well.

Sauteed Pumpkin Rice recipe

9. Sprinkle some chopped green onions and mix well again.

Sauteed Pumpkin Rice recipe

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