Scallion Oil Taro

Scallion Oil Taro

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Scallion oil taro, a fresh and rich flavor side dish. Taro is a small taro, round and cute. Although the ingredients used in this dish are simple, the taste is not that simple. Scallion oil at the bottom, with sweet taro, and then simmered in the chicken broth over low heat. The small taro absorbs enough essence, and it is seasoned with a little sugar and salt. The taro is soft and has a sweet taste. After simmering, it has a rich flavor. Taste carefully, the layering feeling fills the lips and teeth.
Think about the Chinese New Year, stewing a pot of chicken soup, simmering a portion of taro, fresh and warm.


Scallion Oil Taro


Scallion Oil Taro recipe

2. After washing the taro, put it in a pot of cold water and cook for 8 minutes on high heat. The water must be under the taro itself

Scallion Oil Taro recipe

3. Take it out and put it in cold water so that it’s easy to peel off the skin

Scallion Oil Taro recipe

4. Peel off the skin

Scallion Oil Taro recipe

5. Finally, cut off the tail with a knife and set aside

Scallion Oil Taro recipe

6. Dice the chives, separate the white and green onions and set aside

Scallion Oil Taro recipe

7. Add the scallion oil from the pan, first sauté the scallion white

Scallion Oil Taro recipe

8. Add chicken broth and taro, simmer slowly on low heat until crispy and ready to be out of the pot, you can use chopsticks to check the softness

Scallion Oil Taro recipe

9. Add salt and sugar to taste, collect the juice on high heat until the soup becomes a paste, then serve on a plate, do not paste the pot

Scallion Oil Taro recipe
Scallion Oil Taro recipe
Scallion Oil Taro recipe


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