Scallion Okra

Scallion Okra

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The vegetable house feels that the world of vegetables is as exciting as the world of flowers. Every time I go to the vegetable market, I am always dazzled and dazzled. I want to buy all kinds of fresh vegetables and make a big table of delicious food. It is estimated that people who love to cook have this problem! [Welcome to exchange food, please search WeChat public account: "Shiqu Cai Caiwu" or directly add "EJM2467"]

When I met okra for the first time, I made a little joke. I pointed at okra and called chili, which made the uncle who sells vegetables dumbfounded. After clarifying that it was okra several times, I remembered that it looked similar to chili. The thing was originally called autumn, also called hot pepper.

Many friends may not be accustomed to the taste and mucus of okra, but that layer of mucus is rich in pectin, cow lactan, etc., which can help digestion and increase appetite, treat gastritis and gastric ulcers, and improve indigestion.

Qiukui is also a very low-calorie food, suitable for mm who love beauty and maintain a perfect body shape

The green onion okra I shared with you today, on the basis of keeping the original flavor of okra as much as possible, put scallion oil and garlic, the green okra under the clarified scallion oil, not only maintains its own authenticity, but also adds A lot of green onions, smelling it will greatly increase your appetite.


Scallion Okra

1. Prepare the ingredients in advance

Scallion Okra recipe

2. Wash the okra, remove the stalks, and blanch them in a pot of boiling water (the time is 3 minutes, not too long)

Scallion Okra recipe

3. Remove the blanched okra and put it in cold water to cool, remove and drain the water, and put it on a plate for later use

Scallion Okra recipe

4. Chop the garlic and put it in a bowl, pour the scallion oil prepared in advance, pour in the edible soy sauce, salt, and sugar to taste

Scallion Okra recipe

5. Pour the mixed juice on the okra to eat

Scallion Okra recipe


1. The okra blanching time should not be too long, so as not to be too old to affect the taste
2. Scallion oil can increase the flavor of okra, it is recommended to put some
3. Put the blanched okra into cold water to keep the emerald green color of okra


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