Secret Bacon

Secret Bacon

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When I was a child during the New Year, my grandma would always make some bacon in advance. I didn't make it very often, but I didn't have to say it. Cut into slices and drizzle with balsamic vinegar, which is delicious and not greasy. When you put it in the freezer and eat dumpling stuffing, it is also very flavorful to cut some diced bacon. The practice of Amway bacon for the pros, the ingredients are simple and the taste is not simple~


Secret Bacon

1. Wash the pork and cut into large cubes for later use!

Secret Bacon recipe

2. Put the processed pork pieces into the pot, add cold water, and boil to remove any foam in the pot.

Secret Bacon recipe

3. Remove the pork cubes, put hot water in the pot, add the meat cubes (put the pork cubes in hot water, the meat will be more tender), add all the seasonings, and we start to cook the meat!

Secret Bacon recipe

4. I like to eat smoked eggs, but it takes a long time to cook meat (about 2 hours on medium heat). It is exactly this time we cook some eggs for use~

Secret Bacon recipe

5. Remove the boiled pork, prepare a big iron pot and iron grate, turn off the heat and add sugar, put the grate, cover the pot, and turn on high heat.

Secret Bacon recipe

6. When there is a lot of yellow smoke coming out of the pot, our bacon is ready!

Secret Bacon recipe

7. Brush the smoked meat with a layer of sesame oil. (In this way, the bacon we make is bright and not easy to harden).

Secret Bacon recipe

8. Cut into slices and drizzle with some vinegar, it is delicious and not greasy, it is simply too fragrant~

Secret Bacon recipe


1. The smoked pork is evenly brushed with a layer of sesame oil, which will not harden easily when stored, which will enhance its brightness and fragrance.
2. Making dumplings, making pies, or stir-frying dishes with a bit of bacon are all delicious!


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