Secret Braised Pork

Secret Braised Pork

by Chef Jin’s Gourmet Order

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The selection of materials is very particular.


Secret Braised Pork

1. Choose a good pork belly, do not buy water-filled pork, wash and dry the water, turn the wok to heat, boil the water vapor, the skin of the meat is facing down, put the whole piece into the pot, roast until the skin is firm, slightly yellow, and out of the pot Wash, cut into small pieces of 3 cm square, set aside.

Secret Braised Pork recipe

2. Put a little vegetable oil in the pan, add ginger and stir fry, add the meat, stir fry for 5 minutes on medium heat, until slightly oily, the flesh is slightly yellowish, add 500 grams of huadiao, cook for about 5 minutes until the wine is dry, add crushed rock sugar, and fry When the color is slightly yellow, the heat should not be too high to avoid frying, add Shanghai braised soy sauce, fry until the color is fixed, add water from the side of the pot, submerge the meat, add a green onion, cover, and cook for half an hour on medium heat.

Secret Braised Pork recipe

3. Add soft white sugar, monosodium glutamate, heat up the juice until the soup is thick and shiny, start the pot and serve, and a plate of authentic Shanghai Benbang braised pork is cooked. The thick oil red sauce, awesome!

Secret Braised Pork recipe


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