Sesame Sauce Liangpi

Sesame Sauce Liangpi

by Barala Leprechaun

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I did this purely for the admiration of my cousin, hahaha 😄, the idol’s burden is too heavy"


Sesame Sauce Liangpi

1. The tap is opened to the smallest, add water to the flour, and stir while adding

Sesame Sauce Liangpi recipe

2. Knead it into a dough that is not too hard or too soft, wrap it in plastic wrap, and let it rest for about half an hour (actually I forgot the dough, I probably threw it over there for about an hour 😂)

Sesame Sauce Liangpi recipe

3. Washing the face, as the name implies, is to knead and wash the dough in clean water like washing clothes. The water slowly turned white. Repeat two or three times until the water no longer turns white.

Sesame Sauce Liangpi recipe

4. Pour the white water into the prepared container, seal it with plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator. Then leave it alone. The remaining lump is gluten, so let's put it in the refrigerator.

Sesame Sauce Liangpi recipe

5. Time flies~~😏 The next day, there has been a layering

Sesame Sauce Liangpi recipe

6. Find a way to pour out the water on it, then stir it, it becomes a batter

Sesame Sauce Liangpi recipe

7. I don't have a special container, I just took a basin, brushed a layer of oil, and poured a spoonful of batter. After the water is boiled, put it in and steam.

Sesame Sauce Liangpi recipe

8. Foaming is good, take it out and let cool (I made some sticky pans, I don’t know why, but the finished product is okay)

Sesame Sauce Liangpi recipe

9. Cut into the width you like, shred the cucumber, steam the gluten and cut into pieces. In addition, prepare a bowl and add two spoons of peanut butter (the freshly ground peanut butter I bought has been prepared with sesame oil, so you don’t need to add sesame oil). A spoonful of soy sauce, a little salt, chicken essence, vinegar, cool and boiled, and those who eat spicy food can add some It's oily and spicy, and it's more delicious. Stir well and add it to the cold skin.

Sesame Sauce Liangpi recipe


1. Add some coriander to have a special flavor
2. You can add some ground peanuts to increase the taste level
3. To be honest, if there are Liangpi on the street, buy the ready-made ones! It's really troublesome! Anyway, I only eat it once in 800 years, so it won’t be unhealthy.


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