Shredded Salted Goose

Shredded Salted Goose

by Zhou Tai Liang Soup

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The content of unsaturated fatty acids in goose meat is high, especially the content of linolenic acid exceeds other meats. The melting point of goose fat is also very low, the texture is soft, and it is easily digested and absorbed by the human body. Those who are often thirsty, fatigue, shortness of breath, and loss of appetite can often drink goose soup and eat goose meat, which is effective in treating colds and acute and chronic bronchitis, chronic nephritis, elder edema, emphysema, asthma, and senile diabetes. .
The meat of salted goose is more tightly salty and fragrant, and can be used as a side dish during festivals.


Shredded Salted Goose

1. After the salted goose is cleaned, smear it with rice wine for 10 minutes. [The production of salted goose]: After the fresh goose is cleaned, use the fried pepper and salt to smear the whole body inside and outside, put it in a crock pot, pour the cooking wine, and marinate for about 48 hours Can

Shredded Salted Goose recipe

2. Put the salted goose in a pot, add water, green onion and ginger cooking wine, a little sugar, and boil it to a low heat.

Shredded Salted Goose recipe

3. Don't cook it too badly, use chopsticks to poke the goose skin and then drain it out

Shredded Salted Goose recipe

4. Let it cool for a while, peel off the skin and bones of the cooked salted goose, and tear up the goose meat

Shredded Salted Goose recipe

5. Pour the pepper oil in the pot and saute the minced ginger. If there is no pepper oil, saute the pepper in a frying pan first, and then remove the peppercorns.

Shredded Salted Goose recipe

6. Pour chopped green onion and sauté

Shredded Salted Goose recipe

7. Pour the shredded goose meat into the scallion ginger oil, mix well, you can add a little pepper oil

Shredded Salted Goose recipe

8. Sprinkle cooked sesame seeds after serving

Shredded Salted Goose recipe

9. After marinating, the goose meat is tight and fragrant. The flavors of sesame, onion and ginger are favorites of Zhou Tai. The pepper oil adds the hemp aroma of the salted goose, which is very special, and the more you eat it, the more fragrant it is.

Shredded Salted Goose recipe


You can adjust the saltiness of your own salted goose to your taste. If the salted goose you bought is salty, you can soak it for a few hours before washing and cooking. Adding sugar can increase the freshness of the meat.


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