Sliced Noodles

Sliced Noodles

by Asura ashura

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Lanzhou beef noodles are spread all over the country, so few people don't like the taste. Nanjing is a city where Hui people once gathered in the east, and many descendants of Hui people have carried forward the authentic ramen. Lanzhou beef ramen should be clear, two white, three red, four green and five yellow, with clear soup, white radish, red spicy oil, green coriander, and yellow noodles. "The soup mirror is clear, the meat is fragrant, and the noodles are fine." I can’t make ramen. I can do it!


Sliced Noodles

1. White radish peeled and sliced

Sliced Noodles recipe

2. Blanch in boiling water until translucent and set aside

Sliced Noodles recipe

3. Add a little salt, 80 grams of water, and alkali to the flour and knead it well. Refrigerate for half an hour to relax

Sliced Noodles recipe

4. Use a sharp plane knife to plan the dough into the boiling pan

Sliced Noodles recipe

5. You can add some salt in the water, boil it until the noodles turn yellow, rinse it up, pick it up, heat the beef broth, beef, white radish, coriander and spicy oil, mix well and enjoy

Sliced Noodles recipe


You can try to use a noodle press to make noodles by yourself. The ratio of flour to water or egg quality in the dough is 100:38-40. The texture of the dough is good and chewy.


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