Snow White Pizza

Snow White Pizza

by Angel falling to earth

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Pizza Pizza tells me, who is the most beautiful woman in the world? Pizza answered: Of course it is Snow White! So every girl hopes that she can become Snow White, including Chenchen. Chenchen often says that she is Snow White and is obsessed with everything that belongs to Snow White, so she said to me: Mom, I want Snow White’s dress, I want Snow White's crown, I want to eat Snow White's pizza, I want to eat Snow White's cake, the pizza is realized, but so far I still owe Chenchen a lot of delicious food.
I like pizza very much, but I don’t like the bottom of pizza very much. The reason I love pizza is the layer of cheese that can be brushed. Because Chenchen insists on Snow White pizza, so I tried it with a bread machine. I didn’t expect The final product is very satisfying to me. The bottom of the cake is no longer dry, but soft and soft. The taste is like pizza and bread. It is super delicious, very biting, and I haven't done anything. It’s just that after the bread machine is ready, take out the air and put it on the pizza plate. I put my favorite dish and a thick layer of cheese on it. It’s really enjoyable. I love the pizza base again. .

Snow White Pizza

1. Prepare the ingredients

Snow White Pizza recipe

2. Put water, olive oil, salt, sugar in the bread machine

Snow White Pizza recipe

3. Put in the high-gluten flour and draw a hole on it, pour in the yeast powder and cover it

Snow White Pizza recipe

4. Select the 10th dough option of the bread machine and turn on the bread machine

Snow White Pizza recipe

5. Separate the egg white and yolk of the egg and add an appropriate amount of starch water. Separate the egg white into two portions with a little purple cabbage juice, and a little red yeast rice powder.

Snow White Pizza recipe

6. Spread the egg liquid separately into omelets for later use

Snow White Pizza recipe

7. After the dough is ready, take it out on the cutting board and knead it to exhaust

Snow White Pizza recipe

8. Brush the bottom of the pizza pan with a layer of olive oil, roll the kneaded dough into a round piece and place it in the pizza pan, leaving the upward rolled edge in the outer circle

Snow White Pizza recipe

9. Use a fork to poke holes in the dough to help breathe air

Snow White Pizza recipe

10. Brush with a layer of olive oil on top

Snow White Pizza recipe

11. Put the cut ingredients and some cheese on the dough

Snow White Pizza recipe

12. Cover the top with a layer of cheese, put it into the preheated oven and bake at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes

Snow White Pizza recipe

13. Carve out Snow White from egg pancakes, small tomatoes, and seaweed

Snow White Pizza recipe

14. After the pizza is baked, put Snow White on top, you can decorate the surrounding with some tomato slices

Snow White Pizza recipe


Originally, the base was made according to the pizza on the bread machine recipe. I chose a small amount. In the end, it was enough for me to make two 8-inch pizzas. So here I cut the original recipe by half, which is the amount of one 8-inch pizza.


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