Soup Noodles

Soup Noodles

by Hua Ning Yuyan

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For office workers, the morning time is very tight. Breakfast not only needs to be eaten, but also nutritious. Why not make a bowl of clear noodle soup like this, which is simple, time-saving and nutritious.


Soup Noodles

1. All the ingredients are prepared, if there are fresh shrimps, it’s better

Soup Noodles recipe

2. Chopped coriander, light soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, and salt, pour into a bowl to make a juice

Soup Noodles recipe

3. Put water in the pot, add the dried noodles after the water is boiled

Soup Noodles recipe

4. Beat in the eggs. Don’t turn the heat too high, otherwise the eggs will boil easily, and the poached eggs with a small fire will be very beautiful

Soup Noodles recipe

5. The poached egg has been formed, put in the dried shrimp

Soup Noodles recipe

6. The noodles are boiled and the poached eggs are cooked. Pour the juice prepared in advance, stir, and sprinkle coriander in the bowl

Soup Noodles recipe

7. The nutritious and delicious clear noodle soup is just fine

Soup Noodles recipe


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