Soup Noodles

Soup Noodles

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In the cold winter, you can eat a bowl of steaming noodles at home and feel very warm. Although it is just a bowl of ordinary noodles, there is a feeling of home, the warmth of home, and the taste of home!


Soup Noodles

1. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot to boil, add the noodles and cook.

Soup Noodles recipe

2. Use the cooking time to adjust the ingredients in the bowl. The above seasonings are placed on the bottom of the bowl. Half of the chopped green onion.

Soup Noodles recipe

3. The ingredients have been adjusted and the noodles are cooked.

Soup Noodles recipe

4. Dilute it with two spoons of noodle soup in a bowl with seasoning.

Soup Noodles recipe

5. Pour the cooked noodles into a bowl.

Soup Noodles recipe

6. Fry the spinach in the soup left over from the noodles and remove it.

Soup Noodles recipe

7. The blanched spinach is placed on the noodles and sprinkled with the remaining green onion as a garnish. Cut the cooked eggs in advance and place them on the noodles. A bowl of flavorful noodle soup is ready!

Soup Noodles recipe


1. If there is lard, it can be boiled in a pot, which is also very good. 2. If you like to eat ginger, minced garlic can also be put in the bottom of the bowl. 3 If you like to eat chili, you can also put it in a bowl, there is another taste of chili!


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