Soup Pot Stickers

Soup Pot Stickers

by XPanda_

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The remaining minced meat in the steamed dumplings is used to make pot stickers with completely different taste, which is also a great breakfast~


Soup Pot Stickers

1. Add water to the flour and stir until it becomes flocculent. Mix the flour for 20 minutes

Soup Pot Stickers recipe

2. Minced pork, add green onion and ginger, and stir evenly in one direction

Soup Pot Stickers recipe

3. Add the broth and stir evenly in one direction. You can freeze it for a while to make it easier to prepare

Soup Pot Stickers recipe

4. Knead the dough with good noodles until smooth, and divide it into an agent slightly larger than the dumpling wrapper

Soup Pot Stickers recipe

5. Take one, press flat, and roll it out

Soup Pot Stickers recipe

6. Put meat on

Soup Pot Stickers recipe

7. Shaped into dumplings

Soup Pot Stickers recipe

8. Brush the pan with oil, put the dumplings in, fry for a while, add half a bowl of water, and fry them over low heat.

Soup Pot Stickers recipe


The degree of crispiness of the bottom frying depends on personal preference, prefer softer ones, and turn off the heat when the water is almost gone at the end.


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