【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove

【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove

by Bean Emperor Cook Man

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Since ancient times, Chinese people have the habit of eating lamb to nourish their bodies after the fall.
Lamb is generally divided into sheep and goats, because of the regional climate, inland and some areas eat more sheep. Sheep are generally killed and peeled directly for follow-up purposes, and most places in the south choose goat meat for mutton. The difference is that the goat meat is solid and has skin on it, so it tastes better when eaten.
Lamb's temperature is very suitable for slow supplementation, especially in cold winter days. Eating lamb can protect you from wind and cold, strengthen your immunity, and treat physical weakness, fear of cold, and nourish essence. It can be said that it is a special ingredient prepared for the cold winter.
China has a long history of culinary culture. There are many cooking methods for eating mutton. No matter which faction is cooking, there are unique insights into the ingredients. No matter which school you belong to or your own school, it is the pursuit of delicious ingredients.
Perhaps you think that the best way to cook lamb is to boil lamb in clean water like Mongolia, or you think that a flatbread and a bowl of lamb soup in the morning is the best. Or char-grilled whole lamb is your favorite!
No matter what kind of cooking you like, maybe you should try the cooking methods of Fujian cuisine for lamb. I hope you like..."


【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove

1. Then the material needs are more, and the purchase is still very convenient. Many people say that I don’t have goat meat here. Can sheep? Sheep meat is also ok, the effect is also very delicious. Fujian cuisine often adds some spices and Chinese medicinal materials to some ingredients. In addition to adding delicious food to the food, it also takes into account the effect of nourishing the body. So this recipe is very suitable for the whole family to eat around the stove in winter! Ado...

【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove recipe

2. Prepare the lamb chops and lamb belly, and scald them in boiling water for a while and remove them. To reduce the lamb smell and can be washed clean

【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove recipe

3. Cut the old ginger into slices. After the oil is hot, burst dry to make it into ginger oil. After the ginger is fried, push the ginger aside, add rock sugar and fry the sugar color

【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove recipe

4. After frying the sugar color, pour lamb and lamb tripe, add spices, mushrooms, and chestnuts. Stir fry for a while

【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove recipe

5. Pour 1 bottle of Shaoxing rice wine, turn it over a few times, pour in light soy sauce and a little salt, bring to a boil

【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove recipe

6. After boiling, switch to the pressure cooker to sound the air pressure for 10 minutes

【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove recipe

7. Wait until the air valve is dropped to eat

【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove recipe

8. According to the required amount, transfer it into a clay pot and add garlic. Cook for a while

【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove recipe

9. delicious

【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove recipe

10. start

【southern Fujian】nourishing Lamb Stove recipe


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